How to synchronize the plugin with booking platforms?




  • Nido Nyles

    I've seen that only confirmed bookings will sync over externar sources. Is there a way to make "pending payment" or other states appear on syncronization?

  • Nido Nyles

    Solved: adding the desired statuses in export.php:

    'post_status'    => [BookingStatuses::STATUS_CONFIRMED, BookingStatuses::STATUS_PENDING_USER],


  • MotoPress Support

    Hi Nido,

    Thank you for finding a solution!

  • Always Creating Studio

    I have a small cottage (1 accommodation type) because you can only rent the cottage to one person at a time. How do I link multiple external calendars to 1 accommodation type? I assume I just add in all three external calendars to the accommodation. (See screenshot).

    Also, when the reservations are synced, the contact information are not being synced from external to WordPress site. And it show a payment of $100 which is wrong.

    Lastly, across all 3 external calendars there are 98 bookings, but none are synced successfully.

  • MotoPress Support


    Yes, you added external calendars properly. The price and other information is not exported from other platforms so there is applied base price for each booking and some other information is missing. The main purpose of iCal import/export is to avoid overbooking.

    As for the error during importing calendars its says that you try to import form .XLSX file however plugin expects ICAL or ICS file. Could you submit a request so we'll be able to check it out for you?

  • Eric

    Hi, when I copy paste my calendar URL to (, I have this error message :

    "This is not a valid iCal URL. Please try again."

    How to preceed please ? Thanks !


  • MotoPress Support

    Probably there was Coming Soon mode enabled. Let us know if you managed to link iCal import/export.

  • Eric

    It was the problem ! thanks a lot !

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