Horizontal Search Form for Booking plugin




  • Benjamin Cajner

    An option for a horizontal search availability box would be great!

  • Søren Mark Nielsen

    How do i customize the form, when using shortcode? How to add attributes?

  • MotoPress Support

    Hi Søren,

    Could you clarify the question more detailed? Do you mean style attributes or custom attributes to filter the search results by its terms? Please clarify.

  • Søren Mark Nielsen

    How do i make the form look like the ones in your themedemos? Like customizing the style of the form. Also how do i add the attibutes to the shortcode shown on the page above?

  • MotoPress Support


    You may add custom styles to adjust layout of your search form on your theme (input fields, selectors, etc.)

    As for adding class to the shortcode so you may copy it from the article  or type manually? Or do you mean you use some builder where hotel booking widgets are integrated?

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